An excuse many use for gaining weight… The happy couples tend to fatten more than the singles! However now we can prove it! To help us do is a study by the University of Queensland in Australia. 

The researchers examined about 6,500 women for 10 years. From an in-depth study of their dietary habits and lifestyles, it was found that married or stable-relationship women, without children and between the ages of 20 and 30, were 30% fatter than singles. The weight gain that was recorded in a year was about 1.8 kilos.

adult-beautiful-girl-blur-coupleAnother research, however, conducted on men, gave very similar results. It is the one conducted by some scholars of the Southern Methodist University of Dallas, in the United States. The researchers carefully analysed the lifestyles of 169 newly married couples. It emerged that in stable and happy couples there was an increase in weight, both in men and in women.

In conclusion, the more we are satisfied and happy with our relationship, the more we tend to accumulate extra kilos. At the base of this weight gain there are the following causes that should not be underestimated or ignored:

– Bad eating habits of the partner: we tend to follow the incorrect eating habits of our partner. Women, for example, tend to consume the same portions of food as their partner, forgetting that they need a lower caloric intake than men do;

– Preparation of processed meals: when you are in pairs, you tend to eat foods rich in fat and sugar. We organise more romantic lunches and dinners outside the home. In these we tend to exceed the consumption of portions and quantities;

– More sedentary life and laziness: when they are in pairs, many people let themselves go, neglecting their physical form. They tend to get lazy. Laziness is due to the fact that we now feel calm from the sentimental point of view. Instead, as a couple, we should encourage each other to achieve a healthy lifestyle with more genuine and correct eating habits. We should choose to play sports together and share the desire to keep fit and stay healthy and young.