“Happy wife, happy life” may not be a simple saying, but a straight to live well! According to a study, in fact, as far as married couples are concerned: if the wife is happy with the marriage, her husband is more satisfied with life.

More precisely, even if men were not to feel ‘happily married’ they could still be satisfied with their lives if their wives, on the other hand, were happy with the life of the couple. “The happiness of a wife, within marriage has the power to overcome the marital unhappiness of her husband making his life, on the whole, quite pleasant”, explained Deborah Carr, professor of sociology at Rutgers University in New Jersey and among the authors of the research. And the quality of the couple’s relationship, she added, also has positive repercussions on health.

adult-affection-aged-happyWhat is needed besides a happy wife? Being able to talk openly. For the research, published in the ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’, the data dating back to 2009 of almost 400 pairs were analysed, of which at least one of the two spouses was 60 or older. Among other things, in order to assess the level of happiness and satisfaction in general, the participants were asked several questions such as, for example, how much they could open up with their ‘sweet half’. 

On average, from zero to six, both husbands and wives gave five of their life satisfaction in general. Furthermore, their husbands rated their marriages more positively – albeit slightly – than their wives. For both (of course) having a happy relationship leads to greater satisfaction and serenity… However, the evaluations of the wives in this regard, in some respects, would weigh more than those of their husbands.