The tension between the royal sisters-in-law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markledoes not seem to fade, so much so that their husbands and Princes William and Harry divide up their staff. As reported by the British media, in fact, in the coming weeks the common staff will be divided to better meet the different needs of the two duchesses and avoid unpleasant quarrels in the family.

Harry and William share the staff so they do not have their wives quarreled

Meghan and Kate will be able to give orders and directives without fearing each other’s interference. The British tabloids point the finger at Harry’s wife, who has made life difficult for her co-workers in the past few months .

The Palace has tried in every way to contain her head shots, but the advice of the assistants often fall into the void and create frustration among the members of staff. A characteristic not at all easy to manage, which would have earned the unflattering title of “Difficult Duchess”. Will the birth of the firstborn bring peace into the family?