Our answer to that question is that honestly we had never heard about it!! However, if you have, you know that Wied Fulija is practically a rubbish dump in the outskirts of Żurrieq, which has been disused for several years; thus an unused piece of good land.

Anyhow, you might become more familiar with the place in the future since the place is set to be turned into a national park.

The tons of glass and construction waste in the valley will be replaced by around 45,000 plants, most of which will be indigenous to Malta.

The valley is huge in size, and will become one of the largest parks on the island. Not that we have many to compare it with…

The announcement of the project comes at a time when the government is enduring harsh criticism for numerous road-widening projects that will result in the removal of plenty of trees. Such projects include the Central Link Project and the Santa Luċija project.

As expected (or not), the project will take a long time to complete, with many expecting it to be finalised four years from now.