The Couple Cards are the dream of a couple that has come true. We are referring to Joanna and Julian Sant Fournier who together have come up with the concept of Couple Cards in order to help fix relationships through cards. This Maltese couple has found a way to help couples build bridges…

Joanna and Julian Sant Fournier have both been dealing with relationships for many years due to their personal jobs and their voluntary work. Throughout the years they realised that problems tend to get bigger due to lack of communication, and thus they thought about finding a way to make a difference. They thought about trying to find a tool that wouold help, right before people’s troubles get out of hand.

Discussing their volunteer work in marriage preparation, they explain that as part of the Cana course they would go to the Balluta Parish and care for a group of around eight couples, taking them through sessions explaining what it takes to get through marriage.

The Couple Cards project was thought through and has been designed to help couples communicate in a life that is getting always too fast to handle.

The original idea for the cards came when they encountered couples who were going through difficult times and has asked them for help. Joanna and Julian Sant Fournier went to the supermarket, bought a few boxes of oranges and cut up the boxes printing the original card concepts onto them. From there, with the help of a company, who offered them the services of his designers, and a few more sponsors, the Couple Cards are what they are today.

The cards themselves come in five colours. Blue, representing ‘feelings’, purple representing ‘bad moves’, green representing ‘good moves’, orange representing ‘making up’ and red being left open for the couple to fill out.

Over the past years, the couple have been organising workshops with thousand of couples for FREE. All the couple wanted was to share their idea and help other couples; which is out of this world for this day and age! This hard work and dream, eventually led them to setting up a foundation. The foundation is called ‘Relationships are Forever’.

After having developed their Couple Cards, they moved on to creating the Friendship cards. These are more directed towards children and families with children. CLICK HERE to read more!