Coronavirus psychosis is rampant  all over the world. A 50-year-old man in  India  thought he had contracted him and hanged himself from a tree in the cemetery to “protect” his family from infection.

K. Bala Krishna had been treated by Tirupati doctors for a viral fever, but had been reassured that he did not have the deadly disease that killed over 1,350 worldwide, according to the Times of India. Despite doctors’ reassurances, Krishna started watching videos of the virus on his cell phone and became convinced that he had been infected, according to the newspaper.

He was afraid of endangering his family . “My father watched coronavirus-related videos all day Monday and went on to say he had similar symptoms,” said Bala Murali to his son. “He attacked us when we tried to tell him he wasn’t suffering from the deadly disease.”

Murali said he even called a government-sponsored helpline, but was told there was nothing to worry about because his father hadn’t recently visited China, the epicentre of the plague. On Tuesday, Krishna left his family in their home and went to his mother’s grave. There Krishna killed himself by hanging himself with a rope from a tree near his mother’s grave.