He died at the age of 21 of a ski accident: parents get permission to use his sperm to have a nephew.

The Washington Post reports the story: Peter Shu was a cadet at the US Academy of Concord, California. Judge John Colangelo has allowed Zhu’s parents to dispose of his frozen sperm “for reproductive purposes”.

Zhu, 21, who died last February of a skiing accident at West Pointbut may still have a child: the parents obtained the judge’s permission to take the young man’s sperm.

The story is reported by the  Washington Post: Peter Zhu was a cadet at the American Academy in Concord, California. Judge John Colangelo allowed Zhu’s parents to make use of the boy’s frozen sperm that was obtained at the time of organ donation.

“There is no restriction on the use parents can make of Peter Zhu’s sperm, including reproductive sperm“. The boy had left nothing written about it but the parents testified that having children and a family was his greatest wish.

Monica Minzhi Yao, Zhu’s mother, said she did not want to comment on the judge’s decision because she was “devastated by this incident”. In 2018, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine established guidelines for fertility centers regarding the collection of post mortem reproductive material.