Michael Hollingworth, 42, a well-known DJ from Cleethorpes, near Grimsby, was found dead holding his few months old son. To make the shocking discovery was his companion.

But in the past days it has emerged that a few hours before the mysterious death, it seems that Hollingworth abused of alcohol and drugs before returning home and the drug mix was lethal.

The man had gone out with some friends for an evening of fun, once home he had picked up his son and cradled him until he fell asleep. His partner, Hollie Bridgewater, noticed the two asleep, but when she tried to wake Micheal she made the shocking discovery. According to theĀ Mirror, the man would have used cocaine all night, the analysis reported a very high rate of the substance in his blood that could have caused a cardiac arrest.

His partner admitted that for some time the 42-year-old had a strange attitude, he had even attempted suicide, but he didn’t know how to use drugs. His death shocked his family and the fans he had. Michael, in fact, was a well known DJ among nightclub goers.