A mother is accused of having sold her two-year-old child in exchange for a used car. Alice Lean Todd, 45, would trade her child for a 1992 Plymouth Coupe. Days later, she was arrested by police from North Carolina.

The woman is accused of having organised the change (child-machine) with the owners of the car Tina Marie Chavis, 47, and Vicenio Mendoza Romero, 53, who took the child in exchange for the car. Chavis and Vicenio face the same accusations as Todd.

It all starts when a similar second-hand car is sold on eBay for about $ 900. The mother and the couple organise the exchange. But the child, perhaps because of something he had ingested, feels ill. Chavis tries to convince hospital staff that the baby is his, explaining that he had taken him to the emergency room, fearing an allergic reaction.

But the doctors notice bruises on the child’s body. The policemen who start their investigations are alerted. Chavis then changes his version, claiming to be the child’s adoptive mother, but unable to provide any real documentation.

When the investigators put all the pieces together, the story becomes shocking and the handcuffs are released. All three suspects are taken to jail on a $ 50,000 bail. The investigations continue, while the child has been entrusted to a relative.