The Norwegian police said that a guy who had tried to steal a car from a dealership ended up calling the police when he found himself stuck in the vehicle. Dumb! The Trondelag police tweeted that the seventeen-year-old called police, explaining to the officers that he was trapped in a car he was trying to steal from a Volvo dealer.

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Ebbe Kimo, spokesman for the Trondelag police, said the boy was known to the local police for previous arrests for petty crime. “He knows us well enough and clearly thought that it would be the right thing to call us for help, a bit like calling a friend,” Kimo joked with the journalists. Kimo also commented that the boy “is perhaps not the most experienced car thief”. “In his previous attempts, he was at least able to get out of the car, ” he said.

Who knows the fool does not convince the would-be thief to choose a different life …