A man grew marijuana to prevent his son from buying it from dangerous people. This is the justification of a 66-year-old from Terni, who held a series of plants and 1.2 kilos of drugs in his apartment .

The man, with a clean record, is the father of a 28-year-old. The 66-year-old is under house arrest, while his son has been reported for detention for the purpose of drug dealing.

The justification – “I grow marijuana for my son, who is a big consumer. So I avoid him buying it from dangerous people.” With these words a man from Terni tried to justify to the carabinieri the presence, in his cellar, of numerous marijuana plants hung for drying and other substances already packaged in glass jars.

But that is not all. Because in the garden, there was also an Indian hemp plant – a remnant of summer cultivation – about two meters high. The man then had a precision slingbar , a vacuum machine and a scale , used, according to the carabinieri, for the packaging of the drug in doses and subsequent sale.

The investigation – The man had been identified by the soldiers of the Terni station at the end of an investigation aimed at verifying the presence of marijuana crops in the countryside around the capital. The carabinieri then proceeded to search the house.