Baresh was accused by his father-in-law, Nedi Sito, 55, originally from the East Java province of Indonesia, of killing his daughter

Barsah is the first from the left

A grieving husband was forced to show his genitals to law enforcement to prove that he did not kill his wife. Identified only as Barsah, he was questioned by the police following the death of the young woman, 23 years old. As reported by the Indonesian media, his father-in-law, Nedi Sito, accused him of killing her during a sexual encounter” because of the size of his member”, on February 26th.


But officials found that Baresh’s genitals were “fairly normal in size” and were certainly not the cause of her death. A doctor then attributed the death of the young woman to an epileptic seizure that occurred during the night. It seems that the woman suffered from epilepsy since she was 14 years old. The head of the criminal investigation unit said: “After seeing firsthand the size of the genitals that were thought to be large, it turned out that they were normal size.” the complaint and both sides have forgiven each other,” the policeman added.