This is the story of the 17 year old who in 2011 sold a kidney to be able to buy an iPhone and an iPad. Today he is forced to live attached to a dialysis machine and needs 24-hour assistance.

He wanted an iphone
Image: Corriere

In 2011 his story was told. Xiao Wang, this is the name of the protagonist, who was 17 years old, did not have enough money to buy an iPhone and an iPad. He was determined to have them, and so he had decided to sell a kidney! A story who had shocked his country and beyond. Eight years later, he is bedridden, and will have to spend the rest of his life attached to a dialysis machine.

It was 2011 when Xiao Wang had sold a kidney for 2600 Euro. Through some intermediaries he had managed to organise everything without the knowledge of his parents. All he wanted was the money he needed to buy just an iPhone and an iPad.

Nine people were arrested, including the doctor who had performed the operation, accused of voluntary injuries. But the most dramatic part of the story is the story of what happened after: following the intervention, it was not clear in what conditions, the physical condition of the boy had rapidly worsened, he suffered from kidney failure and today he is disabled, forced to stay in bed and attached to a dialysis machine, with 24-hour assistance. The three intermediaries who had put the young man in contact with the doctors were sentenced to sentences between 3 and 5 years in prison, three years for two of the doctors present during the intervention. The family of the boy (who had undergone surgery without the consent of his parents, secretly, had been the mother to discover everything but only to things done), was awarded compensation of about 170 thousand Euro.