The head of school abuses of her and she reports him, so the ‘man’ sets her on fire on the roof of the school!!!! 

The man wanted the teenager to withdraw the complaint against him, but the young woman said she had no intention. So the girl was attracted to the roof of the school with an excuse, then she was asked to withdraw the report and when she opposed she was set on fire. The head of school rubbed flammable liquid on her and set it on fire on the roof of the school, as reported in the local press. The girl was taken to hospital, but her condition was too severe and she died 5 days after admission. 

child abuse

It all started when the head of school abused her in his office, the girl told about the incident to her brother who proceeded with the report. The investigations triggered revealed that 8 other girls had been raped by the headmaster, and among them there was also a teacher.