A university student has recently suffered the theft of his laptop: things that happen, unfortunately. But to make this story strange is the e-mail that he later received from the thief, in which the sender tried to justify the crime by explaining that he was in serious financial difficulties.

The e-mail became viral on Twitter after a boy from Birmingham (who would be the roommate of those who suffered the theft) shared the content…

stolen laptop email

Here is the text of the email received from the student: ” Hello, I am very sorry to have taken your laptop. I am extremely poor and I needed money. I left your phone and wallet, I hope it’s a little help. I see you’re a university student. If there are any files on your computer you need, let me know and I will send them to you. Once again I’m sorry “.

The behaviour of the thief has provoked conflicting reactions: on the one hand there are those who feel sorry for his situation, but others are not so keen to justify it: “So I can seize a service station and apologise because I need money”, commented a user controversially.

What do you think?