He killed his mother with a baseball bat. He lashed out at her thinking she was an intruder, someone trying to get into their home in Campton Hills, west of Chicago. According to reports from the Chicago Tribune, 21-year-old Thomas J Summerwill could spend the next 20 years in prison if he were to be convicted of his mother’s murder.

The facts date back to last March 24th but the boy was arrested for second-degree murder only on Monday 13th May. Thomas, who according to the Chicago Tribune had been drinking, heard noises on the lower level of the house and attacked the alleged thief, slaughtering him. Only then did he notice that the dead person on the ground was his mother, Mary Summerwill, 53 years old.

The woman died as a result of a head injury, despite the rescue called by Thomas himself. “My client had a very good relationship with his mother and is devastated by what happened,” said Summerwill attorney Liam Dixon. “My client may have had a jet lag problem, too”, since he had recently returned from a trip to Europe. He has the full support of his family, including his mother’s relatives. Everyone knows what kind of relationship the two had. They worshiped each other “. The next hearing is scheduled for May 23rd.