An Indian was arrested after he took home a human hand that he allegedly took from a morgue and asked his wife to cook it for dinner.

The disturbing incident occurred some time ago in the village of Tikkopur, Uttar Pradesh, India, and caused a stir throughout the region.

The accused, who was only identified as a 32-year-old man named Sanjay, allegedly brought home a human hand and accidentally handed it over to his wife to cook for dinner. The woman, horrified, would have fainted losing consciousness, to wake up in front of an even more macabre sight: her husband was in fact preparing to cook his hand himself. The woman ran out of the house, locking her husband in, and called the police.

We reached the house of man and found human flesh. The police arrested the accused, ” a police spokesman said .

Investigations suggest that the defendant is an alcoholic and also has mental problems. Apparently a few days before the episode, the man had attacked his father.

The man is under arrest, but despite this his wife continues to refuse to set foot in the house again.