A Utah man was sued after admitting he had released mice to at least three different hotels and then complained about the animals’ presence, and got in exchange for not paying for the room.

According to the police, the thirty-seven-year-old would have checked into hotels by hiding animals such as mice and hamsters in his luggage. Once in the room, he would release the rodents, and at this point he would call the staff to complain about the hygiene of the room. He indicated the excrement  and in some cases the rodents themselves, and asked not to pay the room.

The man allegedly used this tactic several times, and is accused of defrauding at least three hotels, but authorities believe he has defrauded many other hotels in the area.

It is not clear exactly how the man was discovered in the end, although it is likely that the hoteliers, aware that their rooms were clean, had spread the word about a possible swindler, putting on the “who goes there” colleagues, who unsuspected have allowed to catch the man with his hands in the bag.

Now the man is accused of various indictments, including scam and mistreatment of animals.