In winter, more than in other seasons, it is important to take care of your hair and pay more attention to the care of your hair. Here’s what to avoid to avoid damaging them further this time of year…

Contrary to what one might think, subjecting hair to hats too often creates sources of heat that can risk weakening and dehydrating them, making the locks dry and lifeless. To prevent this from happening, you should dry them keeping the hair dryer at a certain distance and keep the temperature of the rooms not too high. Similarly, it is advisable not to go out in the cold with the hair still wet and damp.

barber-bathrobe-bathroom-hairIf the damage has already been done and the scalp is lacking in protein, don’t worry, you can always run for cover with a nourishing mask, but be careful not to get carried away and repeat the treatment too often during the week. Also the duration of the laying must not exceed the minutes indicated on the package. And for an extra dose of hydration, in the evening you can additionally apply a natural oil or balsam combined with an anti-humidity spray, able to regulate the most rebellious locks and curls.

To have healthy hair in winter, it would also be better to take a break from the hairdresser and reduce the washing to the bare minimum. As an alternative to the classic fold with brush and hair dryer, you can have a voluminous hair as you exit the salon, using a dry shampoo, which can be massaged directly on the strands without the use of water.

Finally, among the things to avoid there are the accessories that are so expensive in the winter season, such as scarves and hats, which may not let the hair breathe and dehydrate it. If it really is not possible to do less seeing the great cold, it would at least be preferable to choose those in silk.