We all have heard about the bush fires in Australia. On Friday, the bush fire in the small town of Lexton in Victoria claimed the home and property of a young family. Joe Vella together with his wife and 5 kids lost their farm and family home.

Joe Vella lived with his family in Nadur, Gozo before leaving for Australia some 20 years ago. There he got married and built his family with whom he was living on a farm from which they got their daily living.

Unfortunately, the bush fire did not spare this family’s home and living. Most of the animals they had were lost in the fire. Only 2 horses and some goats survived the fire. The family lost their home and will now have to restart rebuilding their life all over again.

As we all know, this is a tragedy but we can all do our share to help this family. We all know that Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. What better way to show our generosity this Christmas, than to help one of us rebuilt his life together with his family? 

A gofundme account has been created to help this family get back on their feet again. Anyone who wish to help them can CLICK HERE!