How can I have my kid not use the pacifier any more? We know how much effort lies behind the fateful question. Keep in mind that the pacifier for a child has a universal symbolic value and represents a primary need for consolation. That said, if you are going to take it away for various reasons, prepare the little one in time to prevent it from becoming too forced.

baby with pacifier in mouth

In the preparation phase, we suggest, for example, to read together a book that addresses this issue. Try also to set  clear limits in a calm yet decisive tone: “We use the pacifier when you are very tired, but for the rest we try to play together, come on!”.

Try to invent together a game or a ritual to do to remove the pacifier and move on to the proposed activity. Do not promise prizes or gifts for removing the pacifier! It must come to them in a natural way. Patience is key!