Her bowels explodes near the scar of her c-section. Michelle Oddy, 43, suffering from Ilkeston’s Crohn’s disease, Derbys, woke up one morning and found that her gut had literally exploded, causing faeces and blood to leak out. A fistula lacerated the caesarean’s 10-year-old scar.

c-section mumToday Michelle needs 5 organs transplants to survive; and she and her family are hoping for a miraculous donation. The woman went to the hospital on time, according to the doctors had she gone a few minutes later, she would not have survived. After spending 4 weeks in the hospital, a liquid diet was prescribed, which gives nutrients without straining the intestine. 

Since then she is artificially fed and has a bag for permanent colostomy. Her organs have deteriorated and today Michelle needs to have a new liver, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine and half the stomach. The rescue operation will take 20 hours to complete and the woman will have 35 percent chance of dying on the operating table. However, Michelle seems convinced to go ahead with it, if she finds a donor, to guarantee a better life not only to herself, but also to the whole family that has been suffering with her for years.