We have seen it all! From the app that eliminates cellulite, maybe you’ve heard of Faceapp…to applications that add tattoos or abs. Until now, however, no app had the ability to remove people. Of course it is possible to Photoshop the photos, that is, according to the Garzanti dictionary, to modify a digital image with a specific program. Too bad, however, that taking people out of a photo is a job of no small importance.

Until now.

From today, in fact, all “unwelcome” people can be removed from a photo through a simple app. It’s called Bye Bye Camera, downloadable from the Apple App store, and it’s a cross between a photo tool and an artistic tool. In particular, an initiative launched by the artist Damjanski and the collective Do Something Good which includes expert developers. Using artificial intelligence, Bye Bye Camera makes humans disappear from the scene, urging the public to reflect on the dark side of technological progress.

“We are at the service of artists who want to photograph a ‘post-human’ world, that is without people. One of the things I like most about the app is that it takes away human beings but keeps a trace of their passage,” the creator Damjanski told. To remove the humans from the scene, the app uses a detection algorithm called Yolo, combined with an artificial intelligence system that deals with “repainting” the background trying to make it uniform.

It is not a novelty in an absolute sense since other photo editing apps offer similar functionality, but the touch of Bye Bye Camera could be the ideal tool to give a more artistic inspiration to photos on Instagram.

Source: The verge