A woman from Indiana (United States) has shared her simple trick to alleviate migraine. I hope it works, because we all know how terrible migraines can be!

Elizabeth Hayes ran into this quick fix when she was looking for a remedy against the migraine that had been tormenting her for at least 12 hours. She said that the pain was reaching an “unbearable limit” when she found on the internet a gadget that should give relief in a few minutes. Being available only online and needing relief as soon as possible, Elizabeth improvised it with what she found in her kitchen.

headache migraineThe gadget she had discovered was a kind of small clip, called Aculief, which stimulates the pressure point called the valley of the hand, that is, the part between the thumb and the index finger.

remedy migraineAnxious to get some relief, Elizabeth used a staple for food used to close the food packs and applied it on her hand, as you can see in the picture on the side.

Sharing her trick on Facebook, Elizabeth said she had “some relief ” after 1 minute. She stated that 20 minutes later, the headache was reduced by half!

Elizabeth then decided to buy the original product and explained that she wanted to share her experience for anyone suffering from the same problem. And it seems that the network has appreciated since its remedy has been shared over 272,000 times.

The clip is believed to work through acupressure. Like acupuncture, it is believed that it stimulates certain areas of the body connected to various organs and pressure points. Stimulation of these points can cause the body to release “natural painkillers”, such as endorphins and serotonin, altering the flow of energy and thus relieving pain. 

Migraine is one of the most common neurological disorders, but its causes are still relatively unknown. When it seems that drugs and other solutions do not work anymore, maybe making this attempt could prove to be the definitive remedy!