It was a decidedly disproportionate reaction of a man from Maryland who, for a bite of his cheese sandwich, opened fire on his wife and barricaded himself in the house for about three hours.

The woman, the American media reported, said she was having dinner in the kitchen when her husband fired a shot from the basement. 55-year-old Daniel Brian Blackwell was infuriated with her because she had bitten his sandwich.

cheese sandwichThe woman then went down to the basement, where she found the man surrounded by weapons and ammunition. The latter would have gone up a moment before returning to the cellar and opening the fire again.

Together with three teenagers, his wife immediately left the house and called the police, while her husband barricaded himself inside. After three hours, he gave up and the officers arrested him.

As specified by local media, the police found about fifteen weapons at home, although, due to some precedents, Blackwell was forbidden to own them. Among the accusations against the man there is also that of attempted murder.

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