Honda and represents the first series electric version of the Tokyo house. Close to  390 centimetres, we had seen it at the Frankfurt Motor Show stand out  from other BEV ( Battery Electric Vehicle)  cars for its ease of use.

The promised strength, in fact, is the seamless connectivity between the car and everyday electronic devices. Added to this is his human-centred approach which conceives mobility as a service to be accessed with respect to the only product to be owned.

The new Honda Personal Assistant

Before talking about automotive performance, as one would do in combustion cars, the new Honda Personal Assistant (APH) attracted attention. In Honda and, in fact, the connected services and the apps integrated in the digital touchscreen dashboard can also be activated through simple voice commands. It is a latest generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) service, which exploits the ability to understand the context to create natural conversations and provide access to a series of online services.

The APH is activated by saying “OK Honda”, followed by the requested question or command. To make this type of human-machine interaction even more normal, an abstract animation of the face accompanies the response provided by the on-board system and visually recognizes the interactions.

The machine learning allows the assistant to develop a better understanding of voice people’s time and provide more accurate answers. The contextual recognition capability, based on a sequence of questions and answers, promises to provide a natural conversation and the possibility to search in real time for any type of desired service.

Honda e - city car electric

Battery Electric Vehicle

Honda and  a rear-wheel drive is powered by a new electric propulsion system developed by the Japanese company. In the Honda version and  Advance delivers up to 154 HP (113 kW) and a torque of 315 Nm. Together with the low set-up and the 50:50 weight distribution, this is enough to push the car from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds for a maximum speed of 145 km / h. The basic version, with 136 HP (100 kW) and the same torque, however, allows to reach 100 km / h in 9.0 seconds.

Honda e  mounts a lithium-ion battery from 35.5 kWh that promises a great efficiency. In fact, it guarantees an autonomy of up to 222 km (WLTP) and a rapid recharge of 80% in just 30 minutes. These characteristics are common to the two versions of Honda and . But with the optional 17-inch wheels (available on request on the Advance version only) autonomy reaches 210 Km (WLTP).

The simple and clean style of the exterior

Seeing it running silently on the streets, it is the extremely clean and modern design that attracts attention. Honda and tries to redefine the canons of compact city ​​cars . From the distinctive black front mask to the rear LED lights. We then move on to the glass cover of the charging port, and continue our gaze along the soft lines and the elements flush with the bodywork. Everything is functional to greater aerodynamic efficiency.

The full-width digital dashboard

As soon as you enter Honda’s cockpit and you feel isolated from the chaos of the city. The full-width digital dashboard intervenes to manage the complexity of the traffic for a total of 5 HD screens . The displays are in favor of the driver’s field of vision. THE two 6-inch screens of the digital side mirror system are located at the ends of the dashboard to ensure the driver’s natural side view.

In front of him is the 8.8-inch tft display of the odometer. It is he who provides the essential information on the state of the car. These include power, charging status, selected driving mode (Normal or Sport) and various safety information. Here, the driver can customize the amount and layout of the ADAS information .

The central element of the digital dashboard is the double 12.3-inch touch lcd screen  from which you can access the basic Infotainment and related apps and smart functions. An intuitive and customizable interface so that the apps can be browsed and selected in sequence, as if you were using your smartphone.

Like in the cinema while charging

During the charging phase or when parked, through the wi-fi hotspot, you can access the functions of the My Room screens .  You can watch video content or recreate the atmosphere of the classic drive-in cinema  thanks to streaming content through the HDMI input of the center console.

To close, the on -board audio system that accompanies the images with the sound of six speakers for a total of 180 watts. The Advance version offers 376 W with in addition an external 75 W subwoofer positioned under the rear seat and a central 45 W speaker for greater sound depth.

Three new ADAS

Three new driver assistance solutions have been added to this city ​​car. The first is the braking system with acceleration control , which prevents sudden starting in reverse or starting the car in the presence of an obstacle. Added to this is the braking system at low speeds , which applies emergency braking even at limited speeds. The last one is the car departure warning system in front , useful to notify the driver of the moment when the car in front starts to move.

Another important novelty is the introduction of Honda Parking Pilot , a parking assistance system that measures the manoeuvring spaces and indicates the correct position on the central displays to start the assisted parking.

Honda and city car electric

Prices and availability of Honda e

Prices of Honda and start at € 35,500 for the version of 136 hp (100 kW), rising to 38,500 Euros for setting up Advance, which provides additional equipment and an engine of 154 horsepower (113 kW). State incentives still have to be subtracted from this amount. Before the lockdown Honda and had collected 40 thousand expressions of interest. The first deliveries were scheduled for the summer, but on this figure we have no further information.