The horror lab… Buckets full of heads, arms and legs. Chilled piles of male genitals and body parts of different people sewn together including a woman’s head on a man’s body. This is what the FBI agents found in a scientific laboratory in Arizona.

They were working on a case of illegal trafficking of body parts. The “horror story” took place in the Biological Resource Center in  Phoenix, which was sued by eight families.


The FBI followed a trail leading to the centre, run by owner Stephen Gore, who they said was benefiting from the dismemberment and sale of human remains without donor consent. The laboratory was searched by the FBI in 2014, but testimonials describing in detail what the agents found were just made public for legal reasons. The agents stated that the bodies had been dismembered with chainsaws.

An agent claimed to have found a “cooler filled with male genitals”, “a bucket of heads, arms and legs”, and claims to have seen “infected heads”. Then a corpse in the Frankenstein version, with the decapitated head of a small woman who had been sewn onto the body of a man hanging from a wall.