Do you remember Dolly Parton? The queen of country music at 74 years of age invented the new “challenge” that stars like so much. On her 2.6 million followers Instagram profile, the singer shared a meme of what her “profile photos” might look like on different social media. Dolly made a collage with four photos: one for LinkedIn, one for Facebook, one for Instagram and one for Tinder.

Find a woman who can be all this,” his ironic comment. After all, the four versions of Dolly are totally different.

And that’s what thinking about it happens a bit to all of us. Or not? Playboy bunnies for Tinder, set up and professional for Linkedin. The first to follow the example of the legendary star country was Jennifer Garner : one who has always been allergic to social media, but who is ironic like few other colleagues.

Jen told herself in a dark suit for the social network dedicated above all to work; sporty and wonder woman to find a soul mate on Tinder and so on. After the former protagonist of Settimo Cielo, the trend has become global. Nicknamed – rightly – #DollyPartonChallenge we find it on the profiles of all the famous.

From the American presenter EllenDeGeneres to Donatella Versace: “I couldn’t resist!”. “Our” Alessandro Cattelan if on Linkedin he chose a photo in a suit and tie, for Tinder he thought of replacing his face with Justin Timberlake. Will anyone notice it?