That drinking water is good for us, is well known, but did you know that cold drinks help burn more calories?

Specifically, according to a recent study, taking it would promote metabolism, while another research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has shown that drinking half a litre of water  a day can increase the metabolic rate by 30% for over an hour.

drink-drinking-femaleRocio Salas-Whalen and Albert Ahn, respectively Endocrinologist and Director of Internal Medicine at NYU Langone Health in New York, have analysed the latest studies on the subject.

According to Dr. Ahn, drinking cold water promotes metabolism through thermogenesis, or the process by which the body uses energy to adapt the water to body temperature. However, the amount of calories burned is not considered significant, so Ahn recommends that you drink four or five glasses of fresh water every day.

Dr. Salas-Whalen confirms the thesis of the colleague, specifying how the effect of water is limited in time, with the metabolic rate determined mainly by age and genetic characteristics of the person. Therefore, according to both, to promote the metabolism it is sufficient to lead a healthy lifestyle: to perform physical activity, to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day, to take sufficient quantities of protein and to drink water throughout the day.