Your wedding is approaching, the choice of the wedding dress was a difficult and beautiful choice, as was the whole organisation of the wedding: catering, location, guests, cake, flowers and church. Everything seems to be fixed and ready for the big day. What’s left? The choice of wedding rings.

The choice of rings is not as simple as we think. The wedding rings, unlike the bridal gown that is worn only once in a lifetime, follow married life for the entire duration that, hopefully, is for life. Therefore, this choice should not be random or taken lightly, not at all! It must be taken seriously and bearing in mind certain criteria of choice. If you want to proceed towards the most correct choice for you, then you must absolutely follow these steps necessary so that the choice of wedding rings is the right one for your wedding. How to do?

In the midst of organising your wedding, with the infinite number of things to deal with, some details could take a back seat, especially if they are small, like  wedding rings. Their value, however, is priceless since the profound and evocative meaning they have has been handed down for centuries. Choosing them is not at all simple, that’s why we want to suggest small but essential steps  to find the perfect wedding rings for you!

Budget available

Before starting the search for the perfect rings, evaluate the economic budget at your disposal. Determining a spending budget is a key step in any marriage decision. In the case of rings, the cost will be intimately linked to the material chosen, a main aspect that increases or decreases the price. In addition to the materials, which can be more or less precious, the budget can also vary according to the precious stones that could adorn the faiths; like diamonds, the most requested gemstones by spouses around the world. Furthermore, the model of the ring must also be taken into consideration, since there are different shapes, finishes and styles that can still affect the price and the engravings.

Choosing the right material 

Once you have determined your available budget, start by choosing the right material for your wedding rings. The classic 14 carat yellow gold, 18 or 24 is the most widespread in the world. The choice of carats is, of course, always based on the cost and budget available. But the choice of material also includes other options, less classic but still excellent. However, it is good to know that the purity of gold is not always an advantage: the higher the caratage, the more ductile the ring will be and, consequently, the greater the probability of being subjected to scratches and deformations. For those who don’t like yellow, white or pink gold very much, or can’t afford this precious material… then silver  platinum and titanium are excellent alternatives at a cost that is certainly more accessible. All have different weight and resistance, platinum, for example, is the most resistant but also the heaviest.

The size

It seems to be obvious but it is not. Choosing the right size for your wedding rings is not as simple as it seems. You need to know that there are some parameters to consider when you are going to measure wedding rings. For example: it must adapt perfectly to the finger and be neither too tight, because it is uncomfortable to wear, nor too wide because it is unsightly as well as easy to lose. To be the right size, rings should turn easily around the finger. To make no mistake, try going to your first appointment with the jeweller on a very cold or hot day, because your fingers may swell or contract at extreme temperatures and change the  actual size under normal conditions. So, make sure that the wedding day and the day you choose the wedding rings are not too distant in time, such as summer and winter.

Model choice, style and customisation

Choose the style that best matches your personality and that of your husband. A style and a model that represents your couple and your lives together. Rings should be an element that speaks to you and your partner as independent people but also as a couple, so choose a model that you both like. First, choose the shape, between round and square rings, but also with a flat or rounded surface. Also for finishing. There are several possibilities: polishing, satin finishing, ice effect, matte sand, brush, French, Florentine, dotted or enamelled. Furthermore, every model you choose can be customised to your liking. So, the initials of the names of the spouses, as well as the date or even a short sentence of love that represents you, everything can be engraved and personalised as you wish. If you want to break with tradition, know that wedding rings do not necessarily have to be the  same. Some couples differentiate their rings with a special touch, such as diamonds and precious stones for the bride’s ring. Nothing is forbidden, indeed! Expressing the personality of each one through the choice of a particular ring is not only allowed but it is also an excellent choice. Personalisation is important because it gives the rings, that touch of uniqueness that will distinguish your love story and your lives together.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

The choice of wedding rings is usually taken into consideration by future spouses only after everything else is already established. Don’t make this mistake yourself! Don’t wait for the last days to go to the jeweller and choose the rings, without, then, a precise idea! It would be wrong because even for the choice of rings and subsequent modifications and engravings, it takes as long as necessary. To give you an idea, producers could take up to  a month and a half to produce the model you have chosen. For this reason, we advise you to choose wedding rings at least three months before your wedding day to give the goldsmiths time to create, if you have chosen a craft model, or customise your rings without stress or anxiety.