Every season has its fruits and its plants, summer is no less. The beautiful and colourful flowers require great care especially when temperatures get higher.

The first thing we need to think about is not to let them dry out so it’s better to water them often. If we have solved this problem with the installation of the automatic sprinkler , we must also pay attention to another drawback, that of harmful insects.

With the heat, they manage to settle easily both on the decorative plants, and on those of our garden. If we want to safeguard their health and have organic products directly from our garden or terrace, we must protect them.

Being able to block the attack of insects is easy, it is enough to intervene in the right times and in the right way. The natural products are perfect when the attack is modest, in the case of an aggressive presence, better to use, with caution, those of chemical origin. Here we will see the main insects and how to defend the plants from their attack.


Present in the form of a colony, they are green or black insects , they mainly attack the leaves, which tend to turn yellow and fall. Even the flowers and fruits are not spared, the latter tend to grow irregular and last little after harvest. The best way to release the plant is to use natural ingredients to prepare insecticides based on an infusion of garlic or onion that contain azadiractin.

White flies (Aleuroididi)

They take their name from their colour and have wide wings . Present mainly on vegetables such as tomatoes and aubergines, they cause the plant the same symptoms as the aphids. Also in this case, azadiractin-based products must also be used which are  also present in soybean oil .


The bugs are visible insects also recognisable by the smell. They attack the plants in various areas, the leaves and fruits have many yellow dots. Difficult to eliminate, they can be eradicated with natural nettle- based insecticides , garlic, nicotine . Sprayed on the plants early in the morning, when bedbugs are not very active, they will free us from insects.


They are among the most feared. Similar to tiny spiders, red or brown, they feed on the sap of the leaves and the tender parts of the plants. They are recognisable because of the thin cobwebs that form on the foliage that is characterised by yellowed or reddish dots. To eliminate them you must dilute in half a litre of water, two tablespoons of cayenne pepper and a few drops of Marseille soap.


Cochineal is an enemy to most flowers. It is able to colonise ornamental, flat, apartment, garden and fruit trees. In the case of the  cottony cochineal, it  can be easily identified because it creates a whitish colour on the leaves. To release the plant from this insect, a widely used method is white oil, the substance vaporised on the leaves creates a  patina  that suffocates the parasites. Another solution is to use preparations based on essential oils such as  tea oil. Passed directly on the leaves for several days in a row.


Even the  moths  can cause damage to plants. They are larvae of butterflies that are deposited under the leaves or on the stems. These feed on the plant material, causing the deterioration of the affected plants. To eliminate them it is good to remove the larvae manually, use antagonist insects such as bacteria or resort to biologic insecticides such as neem oil .

Products to eliminate insects from plants