Have you always dreamed of being a pilot? If you love spending hours watching planes, imagining which mechanisms lead them to fly in a synchronised manner all over the world, there is a service available that will allow you to know in real time the position of each plane, and the journey of each moving device It could be the ideal solution for you. 

That’s right. There are some online services and apps for smartphones and tablets that will allow you to follow each flight in real time. It will thus be possible to exploit all the information coming from the transponder systems of the main airlines and from any other source scattered anywhere in the world, and thus finally know the position of each flight in real time. 


How? Not sure how to do it? If you have absolutely no idea how, you can continue reading. I’m sure you’ll be able to do that without problems and you’ll even be able to advise all your friends who, like you, are passionate about air travel. Or who just wish to track a flight on which a loved one is travelling!

One of the main services that can help you to know the real position of each flight in real time is undoubtedly RadarVirtuel, famous for showing the exact position of a plane on an always updated map of Google Maps. After connecting to the official page of the service you will only have to wait a few moments for it to load, then you can move and manage the map exactly as you do with all other Google maps, choosing between Hybrid and Satellite view. Then clicking on a plane and selecting the Info option in the upper right you can finally know all the details of the flight, including the airline to which it belongs.

The Layers tab instead will allow you to have detailed information on the weather situation and the position of the airports, while with the Filter function you can choose which flights to display on the map by airline, know the aircraft models used and the status of that flight. 

airbus-aircraft-airplaneFlightRadar24 is also an excellent alternative to know in real time the position of each plane. Also in this case you will simply have to connect to the main web page of the service and, after waiting a few minutes to allow it to load, browse through a map of Google Maps. Then clicking on the individual aircraft you can have all kinds of information thanks to the window that will open on the left of the screen. 

By clicking on the planes visible on your map you can also have a photo of the aircraft and enlarge the image through an icon located in the left sidebar. Finally, next to the entry Aircraft, you will find an arrow that will allow you to view the complete list of flights and adjust the various settings of the map (colour, flight types, etc.). You can also apply filters to your search by selecting the Filters option, choosing to display only flights that travel at a certain speed, those taken off from a certain airport or those with a specific destination. 

Another alternative is Flightaware, even if it is an APP that does not have a Google Maps map. With this app you can however view in real time each flight. To find the one you are interested in, you will need to use the form above, because as I have already explained to you, this service does not have Google Maps. You can search for the plane you are interested in by flight number, by airline or by selecting the route (departure and destination). You will be able to know the position in real time of the flight, provided that the plane has an ADS-B sensor.

To know the exact position of each flight in real time from smartphone or tablet instead, you can use the many apps available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Among the most used ones I recommend Flitghradar24 and FlightStast. Also Plane Finder is an excellent solution, even if, unlike the first two, it is not available for Windows Phone but only for Android and iOS. Then there are Radar Spotter, available only for Android, and Flight Radar Live, usable only by those who use iOS. The latter allows you to immediately identify every single data on a specific flight simply by pointing smartphone or tablet in the sky while the plane is in flight. They are all free apps whose operation is very intuitive and similar to that for computer apps.