Christmas is fast approaching… for those who love decorating the house the traditional way, the end of November (25th nov – 8 dec) is the right time to start growing vetches (gulbiena).


Soaking Them Overnight: Place the vetches in a large bowl and soak in warm water for at least 24 hours. The vetches will absorb a lot of water, so make sure they have enough. You will see that overnight they will swell in size.

Planting Them: Take a small/medium container (you may want to use a disposable one so you can just throw it away when the Christmas season is over) and pack it up with the cotton wool, soil, saw dust, or tissue paper. Put the vetches on top. Water the vetches. Place in a dark place. Under a bed or in a cupboard would work out fine.


Water the vetches every few days making sure the cotton wool or any medium never goes dry. Do not expose to light until they are fully grown. They usually take around 3-4 weeks to be fully grown, but within 2 weeks they would still be of reasonable length. When exposed to light, the vetches start turning from white to green; so they should only be taken out of the darkness when they need to be used.