Sophie Hinchliffe – better known as Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch – has wowed her followers again after sharing how she cleans her mattress. Despite the number of hours per week we spend sleeping on it, and how often we wash our bedsheets, many of us forget that our mattress is prone to picking up a lot of bacteria.

But, of course Mrs Hinch has got our backs, posting a video to her 3.1 million Instagram followers on how she keeps her mattress squeaky clean. Recording the process on her Instagram stories, she stripped her bed of all the sheets, before grabbing the miracle product – which most of us already have in our kitchen cupboards.

(Image: mrshinchhome/Instagram)

After filling a sieve with bicarbonate of soda, which you can pick up for just 59p, she sprinkled it over the entire mattress – and recommends leaving it to soak in for an hour.

She told fans: “For those asking why I use bicarb and what does it do, it’s an odour eliminator so any odours that may be lingering in the mattress it just soaks them up and absorbs them. It works really, really well”. Also adding that it’s really handy for removing nasty smells if your child wets the bed.

(Image: mrshinchhome/Instagram)

Mrs Hinch then sets her Shark hand held vacuum cleaner to the cool setting to suck up all of the bicarbonate of soda – and voila, your mattress is as good as new.

She also revealed that she puts a few drops of lavender essential oil to her pillows before putting on the cases for long-lasting, calming freshness – perfect before going to sleep. And fans just can’t get enough.

Source: MirrorUK