Travelling? Whether it’s for a few days, a longer stay or an unexpected reroute here are a few go-to tips. Spoiler alert: The way you pack might be causing a lot of disruption while boarding.



  • Always travel with a pair of flip-flops, no matter the weather at destination, to wear in your hotel room and use in the shower. They’re usually lightweight and easy to pack, meaning you’ll still have plenty of room for your other belongings.
  • Never fly without moisturiser. When you fly your skin becomes drier than usual due to the cabin pressure.
  • Don’t forget a portable charger since flights aren’t guaranteed to have outlets available.
  • Take with you an umbrella and sunscreen. 

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Depending on the size of your luggage (and whether you prefer only taking a carry-on or checking in a bag), figuring out how to pack everything can be like a game of Tetris. You can follow this strategy…

  • Set up by having shoes on the bottom of my luggage. Then complete outfits, by day, rolled up (so they never get wrinkled) on top of the shoes. Lastly, toiletries bag tucked off in its own corner. The key to packing efficiently is only packing what you need, clothes-wise.
  • Pack outfits with similar colours so you only have to pack two pairs of shoes, max. If you’re a chronic over packer, abandon the idea of wearing a new outfit every day on your travels so you can re-wear the same clothes two or three times. Obviously, wear new undies and socks every day!!!! 
  • Be strategic in what you wear to the airport: wearing your heaviest things instead of packing them (think jackets and shoes). Wearing layers and wrapping sweaters around your waist can also allow for extra room in your luggage.

packing travelWHAT YOU SHOULDN’T DO

  • Pack what you need on the plane in your stow-away luggage! It’s no surprise that one of the biggest issues is travellers who pack the items they know they’ll want during the flight in their bag that’s stowed away in the overhead bin instead of in their personal item under the seat in front of them. This can cause delays and disruptions, especially when everyone is trying to board.
  • Don’t put everything in your luggage… be sure to pack your overnight essentials in one of your carry-on bags, in case you and your luggage aren’t reunited right away. It’s not a rare thing for your luggage to be misplaced! It’s even better if they fit in your personal item since sometimes even if you get to the gate with a carry-on, it has to be checked in, anyway.
  • Checked bags can sometimes give you the feeling that you should pack as much as possible. Don’t! Leaving a bit of room in case you buy anything at your destination you want to bring home.