With the heat, including the anticipated one, and especially with the summer months, the deadly mosquitos arrive. They can haunt us day and night, with light and in the dark.

brown mosquito

But how do we defend ourselves from mosquitos? Should we resign ourselves to the use, and sometimes the waste, of chemicals, expensive ultraviolet lamps, traps produced by the household goods industry?

Before surrendering to these expenses, we can try some very effective natural remedies, perhaps to be combined with specific anti-mosquito products in the most difficult cases. In most cases we all immediately resort to insecticides and chemical repellents. Before applying these products, however, remember to read the instructions well and use them with caution not only to not create problems to your health but also to that of your pets. Avoid using powders that then remain in the corners and can be found by dogs and cats. Without forgetting that these are highly polluting chemicals.

mosquito bite
Image: University Health News

Among the natural remedies there are first of all a few things to avoid in summer and in the heat: for example, creams and fruity perfumes. In contact with sweat, they become a source of attraction for these insects.


Here are some useful tips:

  • First of all, install a mosquito net on each window.
  • Use the fan to obtain a dilution of carbon dioxide, one of the chemicals that we emit during breathing and that most attract insects. Moreover, the wind that circulates in the environment impedes the flight of mosquitos, preventing them from moving freely.
  • Avoid the stagnation of water under the pots, to prevent the mosquito nests in your balcony. Experiment with the technique of copper coins: just insert one in each saucer to make the water inhospitable where usually the eggs are laid.
  • Use everyday products that seem to be unexpectedly able to relieve post-puncture redness and itching. Among these, for example, toothpaste, which combines the double action of menthol that on the one hand acts as a refreshing agent and on the other distracts the mind, giving relief from itching.
  • Even onion and cloves are able to drive away the mosquitos. Just leave a saucer with half an onion and some cloves in the house. In the same way, a bowl of vinegar with a few slices of lemon can also be a useful remedy.
  • Then there are several plants able to remove mosquitos, especially lemongrass, cedrine, geraniums, basil , lavender, and mint. How about trying to grow them in the garden, windowsill or on the balcony?
  • Not everyone knows that the aroma of coffee possesses extraordinary repellent capacities. You can fight the invasion of these annoying insects by storing some coffee grounds inside an open container for about a week and then spreading them at portions of ground or stagnant water that are presumed to be infested. The substances contained in coffee, moreover, are able to eliminate the larvae not yet developed.
  • Finally, do you know that garlic, if grown in the garden, is not only effective against plant pests but is also an excellent anti-mosquito repellent? Place some slices in different corners of the house.

Happy mosquito free summer!