Hungary will not participate in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, the annual song contest for the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union, an organization that brings together some of Europe’s leading national broadcasters. 

No official reasons were given for the withdrawal, but on many newspapers the hypothesis is circulating that the Eurovision would be unwelcome to Viktor Orbán’s radical right-wing government, which is against any process leading to greater European integration and which has very controversial positions on the rights of women and LGBTQI people.


Orbán has been carrying out a heavy propaganda against the so-called “gender” and in favor of the traditional family. A few months ago the spokesman of the Hungarian parliament had associated homosexuality with pedophilia, and a pro-government television commentator called Eurovision “a homosexual flotilla” saying that his country’s lack of participation would benefit the nation’s mental health.

According to some anonymous sources cited by the Guardian , the Eurovision would be considered “too gay”. Meanwhile, the government-run Hungarian public broadcaster, MTVA, has announced that “instead of taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, we will directly support the precious productions of the talents of Hungarian pop music”.