Choosing a baby’s name… some just pick one in a matter of minutes, whilst other take months to agree on a name! This wife was sure they had it all sorted out… however her husband decided to change the spelling of the name and chose not to tell her and she didn’t find out for two months!

This is diabolic! Read on… It looks like while the wife was asleep after her emergency C-section, her husband conspired with his mother to change the spelling of their son’s middle name!!!! Ehh, il-kunjata!

“My son is 2 months old, and I just discovered my husband spelled our son’s middle name as ‘Finlay’ instead of ‘Finley’ on all of his legal documentation,” she said. She explained how she immediately saw red because they’d discussed the spelling of Finley’s middle name before his birth and she’d agreed on it as long as it had an “E.” Not only did he change it, he knew she’d be upset about it so he just never told her! 

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Some of you may be thinking – Oh come on! It’s just one letter! BUT hold that thought and really think about the level of deception here!

“Apparently his mother guilt-tripped him into doing this while I was asleep after my emergency C-section,” she continued. And the mother-in-law did so because she thought Finley with an ‘a’ was ‘more masculine’, which would be well within her right if the baby was hers. But alas, it is not.

People were understandably upset for this poor mum and did not hold back:

Anyhow, in case anyone had any doubts about the outcome of the entire ordeal, the mother “will be legally changing my son’s name to the correct spelling.” Do not ever mess with Mama Bear!!!!