You know, mothers never have a spare moment and at the end of the day they throw themselves exhausted in bed terribly tired. This condition is not given only by the incumbency of so many commitments, deadlines and objectives to be achieved but also by a good source of stress due to the children.

This type of stress related to children, to their control and to their protection today has a name: stress from hypervigilance. This is a state of both mental and sensory hypersensitivity due to the continuous thought of possible threats and dangers for one’s little ones. This type of unconscious agitation acts on stress and on the feeling of tiredness, for this reason mothers often feel tired at the end of the day.

stressThis tiredness is therefore completely justified because the first goal of a mother is the same for all: to ensure that her baby is 100% well and has no problem whatsoever. The hypervigilance stress of mothers is often associated with the war world because it is also very common in soldiers. 

This is because a soldier is always in a situation of alert and it is his duty to keep checking if there is some danger around him to protect himself and his companions. When this situation is not limited to a limited period of time but, indeed, it is repeated for days, weeks or even months, it can generate a worrying stress, combined with the tiredness of both the body and the mind.

It is in the instinct of the parent and also in that of every animal to protect their children and therefore the state of hypervigilance cannot be foreseen or stopped. This state then changes and evolves according to the possible needs of the child: for example, when the baby has a strong cold, the stress for the mother will be greater at the time of rest for fear that he will breathe badly or that he suffocates.

This stress does not change with the number of children brought into the world, each newborn has his needs and generates in the mother the same instinctive hypervigilance that will probably not go away even when the child is raised in certain situations, especially in those where it will be difficult to control it (see a long journey by car with a dangerous weather condition).

In short, being a mother is the most beautiful joy that life can give you but has in itself, like all wonderful things, a “dark” side of the coin. The great love that one feels automatically generates a sense of protection that comes from the animal world and makes us unbeatable soldiers , always ready to guarantee maximum safety for our treasures.