They have big sweet eyes, they love the mountains and you can adopt them. But no, they can’t stay in your apartment. The cows from the Peralba Costalta Cooperative, in the province of Belluno, are the protagonists of a beautiful initiative launched in these weeks of the coronavirus emergency.

To support a reality that gathers small producers and raises some forty cows, between stable and high altitude pastures, long distance adoptions have been launched: you choose a cattle online, you pay a sum and, every month, you receive cheeses and butter in return.

The project is called  Adotta una Mucca di Costalta and is a curious way to help those who live and work on the often forgotten Italian mountains with a click. On the website of the initiative you can see photos of the cows to be adopted and you can choose a support formula: the adoption for a month costs 39 euros, for six months 209 euros, for a year 409 euros euros. And you can even give the adoption away to another person.

In exchange for support for the cooperative, which is based in San Pietro di Cadore in the province of Belluno, the adoptive parents receive half a kilo of butter, a kilo of Latteria cheese and a caciotta cheese every month . The milk of the cows raised freely on the mountain pastures, explains the site, changes during the year according to the seasonal herbs . Being able to eat cheeses made with this milk therefore also means discovering how they change month after month.

If you like the idea, in addition to the Belluno cows, there are other similar initiatives to create a remote farm. The Vallenostra Dairy, for example, allows you to adopt a sheep that lives on the Apennines between Liguria and Tuscany, while at the organic farm Il Rosmarino di Marcon, in the province of Venice, with 20 euros you can take care of a hen (and receive 30 organic eggs ).