Supposing, eccentric and often annoying. The vaguely cynical and not very friendly character of geniuses often leads to trivial quarrels or unnecessary discussions. This set of attitudes make this subject decidedly characteristic: a sort of living compromise between Sheldon Cooper and Sherlock.

In short, one wonders how, usually, such an IQ can end up getting lost in a jumble of unprecedented quarrels due to its scurvy or irascible character. Theoretically, having such high logical abilities, these people should keep away from useless diatribes. In reality, however, these wallow in the daily bickering as if they were, for them, a lifeblood. Science, from today, confirms that these elements are closely related to each other.

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The study conducted in New South Wales, Australia, has verified this axiom: being intelligent, often, is synonymous with being grumpy. A bad character, it seems, is the basis of a series of behaviours that lead the investigated subject to get higher scores in the tests.

From the weighing of the best option to the greater attention paid to the questions, there are several characteristics that they excel in, allowing them to climb the heights of the rankings reserved for the brains. On the other hand, instead, a solar person, extroverted and impulsive, could immediately jump on the first option, instinctively.

This type of behaviour, however, negatively affects the questionnaires, since it leads to a bad consideration of the consequences of their own responses, reaching lower scores.

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In particular, then, it is interesting to see how this link affects women’s lives. These, in fact, already tend to be extremely attentive to every detail. A closed and reflective character leads them to analyse in an analytical way all the complex network of social relations that develops around them.

This allows the ladies to have, often,  full and complete control of what happens in their surroundings and the people they care about most. In other words, therefore, the gruffs are more intelligent because, due to their closed nature, they tend to be more reflective than the average person.