Would you waste time assembling an Easter bunny when you can just eat its pieces? Well, DIY lovers won’t mind… or so Ikea thought… 

In fact, the Ikea rules also apply at Easter: Billy or not Billy, Allen or non-Allen, the do-it-yourself is still guaranteed. It also happens for the first time in the department usually reserved for meatballs, sweets, biscuits & co. In view of Holy Week, the Swedish giant has in fact decided to launch Vårkänsla, which is a pretty assemblable chocolate bunny. 

ikea-chocolate-bunnyThe package includes a total of three pieces that probably should not need instructions, so as not to hurt the intelligence of that Ikea man usually struggling with drawers and cabinets just a little more complex.

Combining paws, body and ears together, therefore, it is possible to compose a 3D rabbit in just a few steps, able to stay balanced on the table before taking the big leap in the stomach. All for 90 grams of milk chocolate, which guarantee a minimum 30% cocoa content, strictly from sustainable cultivation with Utz certification. The Vårkänsla in question is available at a price of 3.50 Euro.