Instead of being thrown away, oyster shells can live a second life. This time in the glass. The Wright Brothers, a seafood restaurant chain in London, has just launched a gin made (among other things) with oyster shells. It’s called Half Shell Gin and it’s perfect, needless to say, to accompany shellfish meals.

The oyster gin was born from the collaboration between The Wright Brothers and  The Ginstitute, starting from the idea of ​​finding a sustainable way to reuse the shells, instead of throwing them away. In particular, Carlingford oyster shells are used,” cold-soaked in neutral alcohol and then distilled”, as stated on the Food and Wine website.

“The taste of oyster shells is then balanced with algae and other ingredients, such as juniper and Amalfi lemon, explains Ivan Ruiz, Wright Brothers beverage manager. ” The result is a tasty gin with high mineral notes and a pink pepper finish.

The suggestion to taste the Half Shell Gin is to try it in a classic Martini cocktail to accompany oysters and seafood. Gin bottles are available at The Wright Brothers in London at £ 28 (around € 33).

Image: The Wright Brothers