By 2020 Australia wants to get rid of two million cats. The government plans to kill stray cats with sausages and poisoned meals.

According to a 2017 study, cats kill 377 million birds and 649 million reptiles in the country each year. A great threat to the ecosystem. The killer food will be scattered in thousands of hectares of land to solve the problem. Airplanes will distribute the poisoned delights produced in a factory near Perth, causing them to fall into areas frequented by wild cats. This is one of the tactics included in the plan to protect other animal species.

The felines will also be trapped and shot by government officials. The poison method is more rapid and painless. The victims, in fact, die at most 15 minutes after eating kangaroo meat, chicken fat, contaminated herbs and spices.

cats and birds in australia“They must taste good, after all they are the cat’s last meal,” said Dr. Dave Algar, who helped develop the recipe. “We must make choices to save the animals we love,” he concludes. The New Zealand council also plans to ban all domestic cats.

More than 160,000 people have signed half a dozen online petitions to ask Australia to abandon the plan. Brigette Bardot wrote a letter asking the government to stop the “animal genocide”, while Morissey responded by saying “idiots rule the land”. The killing was also targeted by some environmentalists who argue that the government is focusing too much on cats, rather than facing other obstacles to biodiversity such as urban sprawl, deforestation and mining.