Promoting the use of public transport in the city is one of the most effective solutions to reduce the number of cars circulating on the streets and, therefore, environmental pollution, all the more so in anticipation of the trend towards urbanisation, already underway and destined to grow non-stop until 2050. With this in mind, the Dutch architecture firm  Rombout Frieling Lab has created The Station of Being, a bus shelter redesigned to transform forced waiting into a relaxing break.

Designed together with the Research Institute of Umeå , the Swedish city where the station is located, and where in winter the temperature drops to -40 degrees, the area measures 18 x 5 meters and sees the presence of several wooden pods that act as a barrier to block the cold to which people waiting for the vehicle would be forced.

Image by Samuel Pettersson

The distinctive feature of the project are, however, the system of lights and sounds that warn passengers of the arrival of the bus : when the latter travel in one direction there are specific sounds to warn, while when they are directed towards the opposite direction the game starts of lights. And to avoid misunderstandings and false alarms, each bus has a different sound and light combination than the others.

Conceived as an experimental plan, a month after its appearance, the shelter of Umeå has proved effective in improving the expectation of travelers and for this reason, the architectural firm of Eindhoven aims to replicate the idea in other cities characterized by similar weather conditions.