Have you ever tried walking around Malta and Gozo with a pushchair? We have been trying and sometimes it has resulted in the impossible!

Multiple times the pushchair almost toppled over, either due to the bad state of the pavement or due to garage ramps. Other times, pavements were not present else totally impossible to use… narrow pavements, pavements blocked by trees (the few that remained) or light poles, doorsteps blocking the way, and whatnot!

Image: T.O.M

It got pretty frustrating most of the time. To add insult to injury, sometimes when there was a decent pavement, car drivers parked across the pavement making it impossible for anyone wider than a single person to use the pavement. And we cannot leave out early morning when pavements are littered with garbage bags!

Not having use of the pavement forces people to push their prams and pushchairs down the middle of the road risking drivers not seeing them. Same goes for wheelchair users who might find it even harder than people pushing pushchairs!

Pavements in Xaghra, Gozo

What about pet escrements along pavements?! It is sometimes impossible to walk without taking home a souvenir! Is this the accessibility we boast about?

Pavements in Xaghra, Gozo