Horror in India, where a couple of newlyweds was drenched with kerosene and burned. The woman, 19, did not survive the burns and died. Police suspects focus on the girl’s father, who is a fugitive, along with two brothers.

The two had secretly married six months ago, not having obtained the permission of the families, who were opposed to their marriage because of different castes.

Indie Killing
After the marriage the two, Rukhmini and Mangesh Ransing, had returned to their village. According to the reconstruction of the local police, reported by the newspaper The Hindu, it was the girl’s father, who appears to be on the run, together with two brothers, to take the initiative and burn the newlyweds, on the evening of May 1st, after yet another quarrel.

The neighbours intervened immediately and took them to the nearest hospital. Mangesh, 23, still struggles to survive, while his wife lost her battle.