Instagram against fake news. The social network now allows users to report content deemed to be false. The function, currently available only in the United States, is accessible from the three-dot menu at the top right of each post: selecting the “report” and “inappropriate” items is the “false information” option .

As reported by the Engadget technological site, the novelty has a dual function: to help Instagram identify the disinformation on the platform and train the artificial intelligence algorithms to recognise hoaxes with accuracy and timeliness. In the immediate future, the social network will use user reports and other small factors (for example how old a post is and the activities of the account that generated it) to assess whether a particular content should be screened by the fact-checkers .

The companies that deal with the verification are the same that examine the contents on Facebook. If recognised as not true, the post is not removed but loses visibility in the searches and is ignored by the “explore” section. The account that generated it is not notified with a notification when its contents are under observation and if this is deemed false.