The Instagram messages on PC could be the big news coming up with the next updates of the social network world’s most popular photo. The so-called Direct Messages are in fact also being tested in the web version of the portal, the one accessible from any browser on any operating system computer.

Once again to discover this very interesting preview was the developer Jane Manchun Wong specialising in reverse engineering that sees her fathom every minimal line of software code in a non-definitive version to find traces of what will be implemented in the narrow future. He had recently gotten several scoops such as farewell to Facebook, group stories on Instagram as well as Tik Tok style clips.

As shown on the images broadcast on Twitter, Instagram messages on a PC will adequately exploit the wide diagonal of the desktop or laptop monitor by having several columns. The one on the left will have the list of chats and the one on the right will have the conversation selected with details on the interlocutors.

Photo: Twitter @Wongmjane

For those who do not want to wait for an official update it is possible immediately to use Instagram Direct messages from a PC through the official Instagram application for Windows 10, but for all those users with Mac or with the previous Windows operating system you can use the Android emulator called Bluestacks which simulates mobile computer use. Installed, you can launch the Instagram app in a window, as if you were on your smartphone. For Linux the alternative is Genymotion.

In general it is a period of great activity and renewal on Instagram that recently introduced the dark mode on iOs and Android in a definitive way, eliminating the hated page Follow already that spies on like and follow friends and introduced new anti-phishing features to prevent their users from being scammed by malicious profiles. Certainly the advent of computer messaging will give a deep impulse to a more complete use even from browser.