So today’s Valentine’s Day… While some just couldn’t care less about it, whether they are single or in a relationship… others tend to take it quite seriously! And for those who do, there is nothing worse than the Valentine’s day for those who are sadly single and do not have a partner at their side. Precisely for this reason the Valentine ‘s Insurance was born in Japan.

close-up photo of human eye with tear drops

For a modest amount of money, you can insure your status as “single ” and have delivered directly to your home a box of chocolates with personalised dedication.

In short, you pay someone to send you a box of chocolates! I mean, come on! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just go and buy one yourself!? I wonder if this is not even sadder than not receiving it altogether. In any case, the service is for men only, because in Japan, for Valentine’s Day, it is only men who receive gifts! So glad we don’t live there ladies, right?

Anyhow, to sign the dedication for everyone will be a single girl named Rieko who, evidently, will need to have a considerable imagination to be able to write original messages to all the singles insured. Oh well, in the end this will serve at least to “sweeten” the party for the solitary hearts that live in the Japanese country.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!